In 2020 Portside Real Estate Group launched 1$ For Maine and committed to giving 1% of gross revenue to Maine’s future. I am lucky enough to be a founding member and sit on the board…and let me tell you…the work organizations we have chosen to support are doing INCREDIBLE work here in Maine.

A quick note on how it works – 1% For Maine focuses on supporting the next generation of Mainers, Maine’s youth, helping to give them the greatest chance at creating a more wonderful world. Selling homes in the community affords us the privilege of giving back to the communities in which we live and work in.

On a quarterly basis, the Portside Foundation and participating Portside agents give 1% of top-line revenue to local nonprofits supporting systemic Maine problems. These issues include education, generational poverty + affordable housing, substance abuse, limited access to medical care, and food insecurity.

We are SO proud that in 2022, we collectively raised nearly $170,000+ to fund 20+ grants supporting Maine’s youth. AND…since we started, we’ve raised over $650,000 for Maine non-profits.

Part of this work is about giving back to the communities that we live and work in and I couldn’t be more proud of the way this company has chosen to show up. Many small sums are amounting to large collective giving – as we work together to create a better tomorrow for Maine’s next generation. Thank you for joining us for the ride and making this all possible.