As someone who’s been lucky enough to call Maine’s coastline home, I can attest to how truly beautiful and serene fall can be. The colors you see on a daily basis are simply stunning. The deep blues and greens of the ocean, the vivid reds and oranges of the fall foliage, and the soft pastels of a fall sunset all come together to create an ever-changing, always beautiful landscape. But what I love most about fall is the cool, crisp air – so invigorating, so refreshing.

Even the fog, is breathtakingly beautiful. It rolls in from the ocean and creates a dreamy, atmospheric effect that’s hard to put into words. And as the fog lifts, it reveals the coastline and a vast expanse of ocean that stretches to the horizon.

Our family is truly lucky because we live with access to several land trust areas. We’re fortunate to have so much protected land in Maine and it’s truly an outdoor persons paradise. From Acadia National Park to the Wells Reserve at Laudholm, there are endless areas to explore and discover.