One of my favorite places to keep it local in a multitude of ways is Lumbery – Good Wood here in Cape Elizabeth 🔧 🌲 🔨

Two of the many reasons I love this spot are: 

One – they have a TOOL LIBRARY! It’s just like a public library, except instead of books, it’s a large collection of tools and you can simply check out any of the tools whenever necessary. Forget about buying a tool to use once that then takes up space…with the library you save money and space, you share knowledge, you build a community, and you protect the environment. Good for the planet, good for you! It’s $300 per year + you get 5% off all purchases there! Who knew?! I see a sweet Christmas gift in my husband’s future 😉 ⠀

And second – I love that they sell LOCAL Maine wood. They work with and support Maine mills, loggers, truckers and land owners and complete the circle getting it in to local builder and clients’s hands. The quality of everything they sell there is incredible, the staff is welcoming, and they are undoubtedly doing their support to support our ME economy. ⠀

This small but mighty shop is doing things differently and is up to some great things. We love supporting them! I highly encourage a stop in soon