Bringing Maine Life to You: A Bit About The Person Behind The Keyboard


As a Mainer born and raised in Cape Elizabeth, I’ve always felt a strong connection to my home state. Sure, my swimming career took me to UNC Chapel Hill, and World Teach sent me packing to the South Pacific, but my heart always knew I’d make my way back home. And you know what? Carolina treated me well! I snagged my degree in Marketing + Communications and my amazing husband.

Phil and I decided to spend our lives together during our time apart – me in the South Pacific and him in Soma with the Pease Corps. So when we were done, we packed up and headed to Maine, but poor Phil got hit with the snowiest and coldest winter on record in 2010. Not exactly the warm welcome we had in mind! So we headed down to Louisville, Kentucky, where we made loads of friends and started killing it with my web design + marketing company, yoga studio, and even the Bourbon Society (gotta love those kiddo-free days).

Finding My Way Back Home

But, as they say, there’s no place like home. The ocean and Maine were calling my name, and we were feeling the pull to start a family. In 2014, Phil agreed to give Maine another go, and we headed north. We lived in Downtown Portland for a bit, and when our son William came along in 2016, we scooted over to Cape Elizabeth to be closer to the outdoors and the grandparents (aka free childcare!).

Discovering My Passion in Real Estate

While doing some branding work for my dad’s real estate biz, I quickly realized that what he was doing was way more fun than what I was doing. So, I took the leap and signed up for the broker course. And guess what? I immediately knew it was what I was meant to do. I even get to use my marketing and design skills while helping folks buy and sell homes and make their dreams come true.

As a real estate professional, I am dedicated, driven, and naturally outgoing. I take pride in my ability to communicate openly, honestly, and effectively with my clients. I understand that buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience, and that’s why I’m committed to making every transaction as smooth and successful as possible. With my extensive knowledge of the area and keen negotiating skills, I’m confident that I can help you achieve your real estate goals. And the best part? I absolutely love what I do. Helping people make their dreams a reality while being awesome at what I do is the ultimate reward for me.