Yup, that’s us!? That’s what we do up here in Maine. Even when the water temperature is 40 degrees or even lower, we take a dip in the Atlantic after a run. Sometimes we skip the run and just run into the ocean and then head up to Sarah’s house for a sauna :)? There’s something about immersing yourself in the vastness of the deep blue sea. . .?

Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth is a sweet little spot where people gather for picnics on the grass, days at the beach or a run along the shore. The cove is dotted with lobster boats whose colorful bouys dance in the water. The coast is rugged but the sand is soft. Kettle Cove isn’t the only place we dip. There are so many amazing beaches in Maine. If you’re curious, just check this page out – it includes some of my very favorites.