My clients are the heart of my business, and their trust means everything to me. Below, you’ll find stories that illustrate the level of service and expertise I bring to every transaction. I hope their experiences give you a sense of the care I put into every real estate journey. And who knows? Maybe one day I’ll have the pleasure of adding you to our list of satisfied clients!

I enthusiastically recommend everyone at Portside-Cape Elizabeth as they both lived up to and exceeded all my expectations. Taylor’s negotiating and superior communication skills are a testimony to her proven track record. Being recently recognized as one of the top award winners in the Mainebiz 2022 Next up: Under 40 honorees is confirmation of her extraordinary commitment and service to her clients. To my delight, we successfully closed on my new home in just a few weeks. We navigated the buying process with minimal stress thanks to Taylor and the hardworking team at Portside-Cape Elizabeth.

ZILLOW ~ tootatme

A colleague connected with us with Taylor. I wasn’t sure if I could trust a complete stranger to help us buy a house virtually from half way across the country in an area we had only visited once. It was very clear after the first few interactions Taylor was highly knowledgable, honest, and would watch out for our best interests. I slept easier at night knowing she had our backs and would steer us in the right direction. When she was out of the office, she set us up to work with her colleague, Randy, who was also first rate. Once our offer was accepted, Portside’s team communicated clearly, efficiently and timely. We met Taylor in person on closing day, but I certainly didn’t feel like we were meeting for the first time in person. he entire experience was better than I could have ever imagined. Hopefully we won’t be moving again any time soon, but if we do – and if anyone asks me for a recommendation – it’s Taylor/Portside!



Taylor and her team were very easy to work with, very knowledgeable, offered valuable advice, and even has been very helpful after the sale answering questions. It was a pleasure to work with her!

ZILLOW ~ dgoodykoontz28

We had a wonderful experience working with Taylor to find a house! During our initial conversation, Taylor worked hard to get to know the two of us and ask the right questions in order for her to build a good understanding of what we were looking for in a house, neighborhood and the surrounding area. From start to finish, Taylor was very communicative and supportive in helping is navigate the process. She is very knowledgeable about the area, and even in in this difficult market, she helped us find a house we live in just a few months.

ZILLOW ~ emmearnzen

We could not have been more thrilled to work with Taylor! She is incredibly knowledgeable, trustworthy, and really helped us stay patient until we found the right home. We did all of our initial showings via video call and she made us feel very comfortable doing so, making sure to point out every detail to give us a real sense of the house virtually. She knows the Portland area inside and out. Will definitely work with her again when the time comes! we live in just a few months.


ZILLOW ~ Mary Grace Schley

Taylor and her team were so incredibly helpful throughout the process of investigating and buying a home, especially in the CRAZY market we were trying to navigate! She understood our needs and desires quickly and was so helpful in sharing her expertise and giving her honest opinions about homes throughout the process. She was always prompt and clear in her communication and was so helpful as we navigated the home-buying process for the first time. She always answered our questions thoroughly and without judgement. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and we will absolutely contact her again if we choose to relocate in the future.


ZILLOW ~ Dana Riker and Colman Hatton

It is hard to know where to start in writing this review for Taylor and her incredible team at Mc Farlane Field Associates. She has been an extraordinary guide, friend and outstanding professional over the past three plus years that we have been searching for our home. She was always willing to work with us on every aspect of our search us as we navigated the various options as they arose. She also advised us on the sale of our previous home and connected us to her amazing colleague Randy Ferrell who helped us with every step of ensuring we got a wide range of strong offers. When we started our search we were living overseas but the 12 hour time difference did not deter Taylor from taking us on virtual tours and connecting on zoom for constant advice. It feels as if we have been on a long voyage together and that the port we have finally sailed into is beyond our imaginings. As soon as Taylor heard about the home we purchased she immediately drove by and contacted us, having worked so closely with us she knew exactly what we were looking for. She moved fast and knew exactly where to pitch our offer to the owner. The simple truth is that without Taylor we would never have been in the running. Every step of the way we fully trusted her, she is so well informed and is able to put what would otherwise be quite complex into clear and concise terms. Most of all Taylor never gave up, she was wise and always honest. Her humor and dynamic personality have been a delight and we feel fortunate to say that we have made a lifetime connection to an extraordinary woman.

ZILLOW ~ hitchensfrances

Taylor led us through a difficult and long journey bringing us to our new home. She had the knowledge and fortitude to stay with us during the difficulties, some of which we created. Her advice was always on the mark and kept us engaged. We truly believe that without her help and guidance we would not be in our new home today. Taylor is an cheerful optimist and her enthusiasm was a necessary ingredient for our success. Her support services at Portside Real Estate Group were first class and always helpful.

ZILLOW ~ mikeleen9

We had a really great experience working with Taylor! Moving from out of state, she was a wealth of local knowledge and helping us get familiar with the area and the market here. She was really helpful in answering our questions, accommodating our shifting timelines and even doing some virtual house tours. We would highly recommend her!

ZILLOW ~ sgjdouglass

Taylor is amazing. She knows the market really well, she knows houses really well, and she is really easy to talk to and work with. As a first time home buyer, Taylor helped me through the ropes and helped me see things in houses I would have never noticed without her expertise (she looked at one roof and said, “those shingles are so old they aren’t even made anymore.”) Taylor used her knowledge of comparable homes to help me pick out a competitive bid that I was comfortable with. Taylor is very responsive in this time-sensitive market!

ZILLOW ~ Erin Hatton

We loved working with Taylor. Her knowledge of the area, as well as her relationships with the other SoPo agents, were invaluable in our search. She also seemed to be available at all times, and super responsive / equipped to answer any questions about prospective properties, which was imperative to get a house in a market with 72 hour turnover. She squeezed in last minute inspections. She steered us away from homes with red flags we wouldn’t have noticed. We may buy another home soon just to hang out with Taylor.

ZILLOW ~ Jake Denoncourt

Taylor is a fantastic Realtor. She is so easy to work with. She is honest, provides great guidance, and is very knowledgable. Taylor is accessible and responsive. We have actually bought THREE houses from Taylor in the past 5 years. That’s how great she is! You cannot go wrong with Taylor. We highly recommend her.

ZILLOW ~ ljmamchur